SEQ Business Water Efficiency Program

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SEQ Business Water Efficiency Program

Project Description

Trevor Lloyd undertook the role of Project Director for the Business Water Efficiency Program (BWEP), a key initiative of the Queensland State Government designed to assist the business sector in Queensland implement measures that will achieve longer term water use efficiency. The task involved management of a process of problem definition, broad-scale analysis, strategy development, project plan development, procurement and delivery.

BWEP was designed to provide technical and financial support to the business sector to achieve water savings in a timely and effective manner.

The primary objective of BWEP in South-East Queensland was to deliver a minimum saving of 12 ML per day across Queensland in accordance with the provisions of Water Amendment Regulation (No.6) Schedule 10C Water-saving initiatives – Item 9 (‘emergency’ regulation).

The BWEP was successfully established in South-East Queensland through SEQWater on behalf of DLGPSR, and was then rolled out across Queensland in conjuction with the Department of Local Government, Planning, Sport & Recreation (DLGPSR), SEQ Water, the Queensland Water Directorate (QWD) and the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ).