Port of Brisbane Air Quality Monitoring

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Port of Brisbane Air Quality Monitoring

Project Description

The Port of Brisbane (the Port) is located at the mouth of the Brisbane River and is managed and developed under a 99-year lease from the Queensland Government.  The Port is situated on the southern side of the Brisbane River, 24km from Brisbane’s Central Business District, and provides an interface between rail, road and sea transport.  The Port of Brisbane wanted to understand factors that may have an impact on future land use planning and to assess the suitability of locations for dust sensitive products/uses.

Services Provided

Lloyd Consulting was contracted to provide an understanding of ambient dust levels and to measure atmospheric dust fallout impacts at several sites earmarked for potential development.  The Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Program consisted of monthly monitoring and laboratory analysis; and quarterly reporting that included a review of meteorological data, generation of wind-roses overlain on site plans, and characterisation and quantification of atmospheric dust fall-outs.