Swanbank Landfill Environmental Monitoring & Reporting

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Swanbank Landfill Environmental Monitoring & Reporting

Project Description

Lloyd Consulting was engaged to provide Environmental Specialist Services to Thiess in relation to achieving DERM regulatory approval of operations at the Swanbank Landfill site. The project involved the preparation of an Environmental Monitoring Quality Plan (EMQP), the establishment of an Environmental Management Team (EMT) for the Swanbank Landfill, and the assessment of the ability of Thiess Services to receive specific wastes (waste stream assessment) at the Swanbank Landfill.

Services Provided

The services provided by Lloyd Consulting in the preparation of the EMQP included the delivery of a detailed program description, clarification of organisational structure and reporting arrangements, documentation of quality assurance and quality control measures and a health and safety plan.

Services provided by Lloyd Consulting in the preparation of the EMT included an environmental monitoring program, the preparation of environmental condition reports and identification of improvements to the monitoring programs. Lloyd Consulting also held the responsibility for the consultancy procurement selection for the population of the EMT, preparation of scopes for environmental monitoring program components and review of environmental monitoring reports prepared by consultants.

The waste stream assessment aspect of the project required Lloyd Consulting to prepare an agreed framework for the assessment of wastes to be received, and on-going assessment of specific waste streams on an as-needs basis.