Great Barrier Reef Water Quality Improvement

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Department of Natural Resources & Mines Great Barrier Water Quality Improvement Plan Review

Project Description

The Regional NRM Regional Investment Strategy and Coastal Catchments Initiative alignment with the Great Barrier Reef Water Quality Protection Plan project involved reviewing a suite of regional NRM Plans created by Regional NRM Bodies/Groups in Queensland, with the objective of assessing the level of alignment between these plans for the Great Barrier Reef tributary catchments with the Great Barrier Reef Water Quality Protection Plan.

Services Provided

The project involved the use of a comprehensive assessment framework in order to ascertain the level of alignment with the Reef Plan, and the identification of opportunities and constraints to further alignment between the plans.

The alignment assessment process required the coordination, design and facilitation of a series of workshops allowing feedback and constructive discussion with members of the regional groups.

Key skills utilised in the project include planning document assessment, workshop coordination, design and facilitation, and reporting.