Queensland Wetlands Program

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Queensland Wetlands Program

Project Description

The Queensland Wetlands Program is a joint initiative of the Australian and Queensland Governments, developed to support projects and programs delivering long term benefits to Queensland’s wetlands through sustainable use, management, conservation and protection. The ‘Scoping Study for Monitoring of Wetlands Extent and Condition’ project provided an overall strategy to develop appropriate indicators for assessing Queensland wetland extent and condition through a process of review and consultation.

Services Provided

Mary Maher led a team which conducted an extensive review of existing information, research and practices, and an experts’ workshop. The workshop was aimed at providing the platform for ongoing discussion and information sharing between wetland experts across Australia. The project led to the development of a Wetlands Inventory Database, and the Baseline Resource Condition Monitoring Program for the Queensland Wetlands Programme Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Strategy (MER Strategy) and ultimately informed a national review of the existing ‘matters for target’ wetland indicators.