Willawong Remediation Project

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Willawong Site Remediation – Project Management

Project Description

Brisbane City Council’s Willawong Waste Disposal Site was a 270 ha site located in south-west Brisbane which was used for the disposal of industrial and municipal wastes from the early 1950s until the mid 1990s. As a result of disposal activities, the soil and groundwater at the site had been heavily contaminated. Recognising that this contamination might represent an environmental health risk, the Brisbane City Council commenced the $40 million Willawong Remediation Project, funded by a special environmental levy paid by Brisbane rate-payers.

The project was one of the largest of its kind in Australia and comparable with the Homebush Bay site remediation program undertaken for the Sydney Olympics.  The project was overseen by the Willawong Site Remediation Task Force comprising elected Councillors, Senior State Government Officers, local community members, Council Staff and specialist consultants.

The objectives of the project were to remediate the Willawong Site to ensure that no unacceptable on-site or off-site health or environmental risks exist whilst allowing the highest possible future site land use. These proposed future uses include regional and local recreational facilities, environmental / open space areas and recycling activities.

Services Provided

Lloyd Consulting provided project management services for the Willawong Remediation Project for six years. Prior to this, Trevor Lloyd was employed directly by Council as the Willawong Remediation Project Manager.

Services provided include:

  • Commissioning and review of environmental consultants for site contamination assessment.
  • Extensive consultation with project stakeholders including local community.
  • Overall management of remedial works program.
  • Preparation of site Remediation and Management Plan document.
  • Preparation of Remedial Works Validation Reports for submission to administering authority.
  • Management and coordination of environmental monitoring program including development and revision of groundwater and surface water monitoring network, preparation of quality plan, coordination and development of aquatic and terrestrial ecology monitoring program.

EPA approved the final Site Remediation and Management Plan (SRMP) for the Willawong site and the SRMP brought together six years of detailed site investigation, research and design work, and outlined the methods to be used to remediate the site to achieve safe and productive future use.