BCC Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy

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Brisbane City Council Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy

Project Description

The Rochedale Urban Development area comprised of approximately 450 hectares of rural land (approximately 600 existing houses) 15km from the Brisbane CBD, situated close to the border of Brisbane City Council and Logan City to the south and Redland Shire to the east. The Rochedale Master Plan project involved the design of an Urban Village based on the ideals of subtropical living and ecological sustainability.

The project aimed to achieve development that encompassed a total integrated water management approach, while also integrating the natural topography (creeks, waterways and aquifer). The project worked with the following emerging ideas;

  • Respect should be given to the topography and natural features of the site and waterways;
  • Pockets of development can be defined by ridgelines, focusing on waterways;
  • Implementation of cost saving infrastructure is necessary;
  • Reduced water dependency, smarter use of potable water, and more sustainable use of non-drinking water is necessary.

Services Provided 

Lloyd Consulting was appointed to provide services in the areas of integrated water management planning, project management, internal coordination, Master Plan consultation and facilitation of the planning charrette and meetings throughout the project. Key skills contributed to the project by Lloyd Consulting include project management and internal coordination, facilitation and community consultation, resource management planning and sustainable urban planning.