Lake Macquarie Waste Strategy

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Lake Macquarie Waste Strategy

Project Description

Lake Macquarie is situated in the coastal area of Hunter region in NSW, Australia.  Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) is one of the largest councils in NSW and provides a diverse range of waste services to the community.  These services include domestic waste kerbside and recycling collections, specialised waste collections (sharps, oil, and hazardous waste), commercial and industrial collection services, as well as maintaining key associated waste infrastructure such as landfill and Teralba Worm Farm.  The LMCC sought to review its options for solutions to its municipal waste minimisation and management programs in the context of its aspirations for a more sustainable City.  An integrated waste strategy was required that provided a holistic approach across all aspects of the waste hierarchy (consumption, reuse, recycle, diversion, disposal).

Services Provided

Lloyd Consulting have been involved in the development of the LMCC waste strategy program since 2009 and was responsible for the following policy and research projects:

  • Strategic Waste Options and Triple Bottom Line Analysis
  • Global Best Practice Review
  • Opportunity Cost Analysis for Awaba landfill
  • Tender specifications for green and organic organic waste processing