Rocky Springs Environmental Impact Statement

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Rocky Springs Environmental Impact Statement

Project Description

Lloyd Consulting was awarded the opportunity to manage and deliver an EIS with Delfin Lend Lease under the new IPA amendment in Queensland. Delfin Lend Lease has proposed to develop the Rocky Springs site, 15 minutes south of Townsville as a master planned integrated community with an expected population of approximately 39,000 residents, by 2045. An EIS was triggered for this development  due to the presence of the endangered Black-throated Finch and threatened Squatter Pigeon on site.

Services Provided

Services provided by Lloyd Consulting for this project include:

  • Consultatively prepare a guiding EIS strategy / process report in response to the Terms of Reference;
  • Review technical reports across a wide range of topics including Environmental assessment and NES requirements;
  • Assist with the management of the overall EIS including budgeting, review and coordination;
  • Liaise with government agencies, corporations, stakeholders and steering committees to ensure timely preparation and adoption of the EIS;
  • Coordinate, undertake and support facilitated stakeholder and community engagement activities throughout the entire EIS process;
  • Coordinate technical consultants inputs and recommendations;
  • Write and compile the draft and final EIS and supporting documentation;
  • Review and incorporate public, local government and referral agency comments on draft EIS;
  • Preparation, review and advice on appropriate EMP for the development.