Oxley Creek Rehabilitation

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Oxley Creek Rehabilitation

Project Description

This suite of work involved the investigation and assessment of Oxley Creek – water quality, water supply management, hydrogeological (creek bed and bank stability), flooding, terrestrial and riparian vegetation, and biodiversity, development of a long term comprehensive rehabilitation strategy, and a corresponding feasibility study for the Lower Oxley Creek, including financial, economic (TBL), and regulatory status assessment.

In addition to this, an audit of the actions undertaken between 1999 and 2006 in relation to the Oxley Creek Catchment Management Plan 1999 was undertaken to assess the effectiveness of management responses across the board from local governments to private corporations, and to establish the areas requiring further attention in future planning and management.

Services Provided

Lloyd Consulting provided project management, site assessment, rehabilitation strategy development and assessment, feasibility assessment and reporting, urban and catchment management planning, facilitation and community consultation services to this project throughout the four year period.