Reef plan audit

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Audit of Implementation of Reef Water Quality Protection Plan

Project Description

An audit of the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan was conducted in 2005 and an updated Reef Plan was launched in 2009.  Reef Plan 2009 identified actions that would help minimise the risk to the Great Barrier Reef as a result of the decline in the quality of water entering the Reef from adjacent catchments.  The Reef Plan was formulated in partnership with federal and state governments and a wide range of industry and community groups.

Lloyd Consulting conducted an audit of the Reef Plan, with the objectives of providing:

  • an independent assessment of progress in implementing Reef Plan 2009 specifically in relation to governance and oversight, program monitoring and reporting, and delivery by accountable agencies; and
  • review of whether the recommendations outlined in 2005 report to the Prime Minister and the Premier of Queensland were achieved.

Services Provided

Lloyd Consulting conducted interviews and facilitated Partnership Committee Workshops.  Results of interviews were collated in order to conduct further targeted interviews and discussions.  A thorough document analysis was also used to assess progress of actions detailed in Reef Plan 2009.  A limiting factor analysis was conducted and a workshop was run to confirm this analysis.  The resultant integrated assessment report of the audit objectives informed the 2010 Evaluation Report to the Prime Minister and the Premier of Queensland.