Global Change Institute

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University of Queensland Global Change Institute – Strategic Planning

Project Description

The general scope of the consultancy was to provide business planning services to support the establishment of a Global Change Institute (GCI) at the University of Queensland (UQ) and to develop a business model and preliminary business plan for its effective initial operation.

Services provided by the Lloyd Consulting included consultation, market research, review work, analysis and reporting. The consultation process involved collation of and reporting on material gained from interviews and Request for Comment feedback by key stakeholders, internal and external to the University, in order to investigate feasibility, risks, opportunities and resources. The consultation process was also to identify objectives as well as potential themes and focus areas of the GCI. Based on this preliminary assessment and subsequent refinement, a Business Plan was created for the GCI, recommending an organisational and operational framework on which to base the establishment and initial operation of the Institute, which has since been endorsed by Senate.