International Water Centre

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International Water Centre Establishment

Project Description

The International Water Centre is an international focal point for addressing issues relating to the understanding, protection, management and use of the world’s water resources and waterways. The Centre is sponsored by a consortium comprising four of Australia’s leading research and education providers in water resource and catchment management, including University of Queensland, Griffith University, Monash University and University of Western Australia, in association with the International River Foundation.

The Centre’s intention is to be the key place where the “business” of water can be done internationally. The Centre is envisaged to bring water users and stakeholders together with business groups through delivery of excellence in education and training, institutional capacity building, skills transfer, policy development and research brokerage services.

With its established network of national and international river catchment partners, the Centre will is also providing a unique vehicle for promoting and marketing Australia’s direct capabilities in water resources and catchment management to the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Services Provided

Trevor Lloyd, in the role of Interim Chief Executive Officer, was responsible for the establishment and initial operation of the Centre. Specific duties include:

  • Liaison with Centre sponsors and stakeholders regarding the Centre’s vision, charter, business model, commercial and governance arrangements and operational mode;
  • Development and publication of an initial Business Plan for the Centre based on the above;
  • Development of commensurate revenue and expenditure budget and services program;
  • Procurement, establishment and management of staff and contract resources, including links to staff in partner organisations;
  • Commencement of processes to establish a formal legal and commercial entity for operation of the Centre;
  • Establishment of Centre brand and market positioning proposals;
  • Procurement and establishment of Centre accommodation, communication systems and related logistics; and
  • Marketing, communication and advocacy activities on behalf of the Centre.